Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lady Jaye (Covert Ops Specialist)

Since it was originally unveiled, the common knock against the Retaliation Lady Jaye figure was that her face sculpt looked 'mannish'.  This got me wondering as to whether she might not have simply fallen victim to the same fate as the reviled Rise of Cobra Baroness figure.  Some time ago, I stripped all of the factory paint from a RoC Baroness head and found a really nice sculpt underneath.  When I compared Lady Jaye's head sculpt against photos of the actress, two things really stood out.  The first was that the figure had very red lips, whereas the actress usually wore a lighter color of lipstick.  I fixed that with a tiny bit of paint (Country Colors #2300 - Painted Desert).  The other issue was that the actress always seemed to use a lot of eyeliner, yet the figure had a very thin line above each eye and none below.  Again, a simple fix with a bit of paint (Country Colors #2477 - Real Black).  As soon as I finished adding the eyeliner, not only did she look much more feminine, but I could see a very strong resemblance to the actress.  I hope you dig it.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sgt Humpty's Buy / Sell / Trade List

NEED / WANT: (None of the complete figures need to be carded. They are all going to be opened)
1986 Leatherneck v2 X1 (loose, complete)
1988 Gung Ho Miniature X1 (loose)
1997 Gung Ho v6 X1 (loose, complete)
2001 Gung Ho v7 X1 (loose, complete)
2001 Leatherneck v4 X1 (loose, complete) 
2002 Gung Ho v8 X1 (loose, complete)
2002 Gung Ho v9 X1 (loose, complete)
2002 Gung Ho v10 X1 (loose, complete)
2003 Gung Ho v11 X1 (loose, complete)
2004 Gung Ho v12 X1 (loose, complete)
2004 Gung Ho v13 X1 (loose, complete)
2004 Gung Ho v14 X1 (loose, complete) 
2004 Gung Ho v15 X1 (loose, complete) 
2004 Leatherneck v5 X1 (loose, complete) 
2005 Gung Ho v16 X1 (loose, complete) 
2005 Gung Ho v17 X1 (loose, complete)
2008 Leatherneck v6 X1 (loose, complete) 

FODDER NEEDS: (These are all needed for custom figures)
25th Lt Torpedo (or RoC Deep Six) head X5 RoC Dusty v13 X1

GIJCC Membership Figure Iceberg
Dollar General Snake Eyes (repaint) 
1982 MMS Die-cast miniature
Accessories & Fodder: I do a lot of parts trading and my 'inventory' changes very, very frequently.  I do my best to update the photos with every trade completed, so please bear with me if I forget to add or subtract something in a timely manner!

Toxo-Viper (Cobra Hostile Environment Trooper)

Another simple custom, my Toxo-Viper consists of a 30th Anniversary Techno-Viper that was re-equipped with Toxo-Viper gear I got from Raginspoon.  There are other figures that might have matched the uniform a little more closely, but all of them would have required me to paint the purple uniform.  Using the Techno-Viper, allowed me to just paint the accessories and not worry about the paint rubbing off at the joints.  At the end of the day, I was more interested in the final product than how creative I needed to be to get there.  All in all, I think he looks pretty good.