Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cutlass (Iron Grenadier Operative)

Cutlass and her brother Ghost are among Destro's most deadly operatives. She is one of the best sword fighters on the planet, a living phenomenon. Though she is a Champion fencer, she never particularly cared for trophies. Instead, her recognition comes when her opponent is lying in a pool of blood and she is still standing.

*** Cutlass is a character created by Kneroh and used by Cobralalalala! for the HissTank RPG. I merely adapted the character to figure form, as I pictured her.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Baroness (Iron Grenadier Intelligence Chief)

This is actually the second version of an Iron Grenadier Baroness. I liked the first one well enough, but eventually wanted to do something different. This one is more simple, a bit less flashy. Hope you dig her!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gibraltar (British RMC)

Prior to joining the G.I. Joe Team, Gibraltar was a senior NCO of the 42 Commando in The Corps of Her Majesty's Royal Marines. His codename refers not only to Royal Marines involvement in the Siege of Gibraltar in 1704, but also to the fact that he is like a rock that his teammates can depend upon, no matter the situation.

Gibraltar is pictured below with Ice Storm, a fellow Brit and G.I. Joe Team member.

Munitia (Mercenary)

Anyone in close proximity to Munitia is suddenly and savagely chilled to the bone. Her icy presence sucks the warmth out of everything and everyone. Her eyes watch you the way a predator calculates its prey. Her face is devoid of all emotion - nothing pleases her, frightens her or surprises her. She is cool and in control at all times. Her ability to guess the actions of others has made her a supreme bounty hunter. She has a strong rivalry with fellow mercenary, Major Sebastian Bludd. She is sometimes found working with Firefly and Blackout, probably because their single-minded passion for devastation and darkness rivals her own. Together the trio is known as H.I.S.S. (Hierarchy of Infiltration, Stealth and Sabotage).

NOTE: The headsculpt was obtained from Raginspoon's Custom Cast Parts & Figures. Go and visit him!

Ice Storm (British SBS)

Ice Storm is the G.I. Joe Team's cold-water marine combat and survival specialist. His job is to ensure that the team is able to fight and win under the most extreme maritime conditions. Prior to joining the Joe Team, he was a member of the British Royal Navy's Special Boat Service, where he was assigned to S squadron, which specializes in the use of minisubs and small boats. Although he was recruited primarily for his maritime skills, Ice Storm is just as comfortable on fighting on dry land and is often selected for long-range reconnaissance missions.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rampart (Navy CWSS)

Rampart was introduced well after I'd stopped playing with toys as a kid. So I didn't have a any great attachment to him. But when I saw the great headsculpt the fellows over at Slayer Design Studios had done, I looked into him a little bit and found him to be pretty cool.

I "modernized" him just a bit by giving him an M60E3 medium machinegun and an M136 AT-4 rocket launcher - weapons that are still in use today. Hope you guys dig him!

Here's a shot of Rampart with his fellow Naval Joe, Night Fox.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tales from Castle Destro - Reader Input Poll

When I wrote Chapter 1 of Tales from Castle Destro, it was intended to be a "one-shot" story. I did not expect to have people ask to hear more about the characters I created in it. Twenty-two chapters later, I have wrapped up the first major story arc and have decided that the next few chapters will be stand alone stories, focusing on different types of Iron Grenadier troops.

As a way of thanking those who have supported this blog, I decided to include my readers on the decision-making process for chapter 23 by asking them to vote for the character they wanted to see featured in the next chapter. The results of the poll were as follows:

Annihilator - 1 vote
Ferret - 0 votes
Highlander - 1 vote
Iron Anvil - 0 votes
Iron Wolf - 1 vote
Nullifier - 7 votes
Shock Trooper - 1 vote
T.A.R.G.A.T. - 2 votes
Undertow - 7 votes
Wild Boar - 0 votes
Named characters - 0 votes

So because we had two characters tie for first place, I'll do a chapter featuring each of them. Chapter 23 will feature the Nullifier! Thanks for reading!