Monday, June 27, 2011

Sandstorm (Military Police)

Sandstorm was a character that appears to have been quickly cobbled together from other parts to provide a rider for the 2010 Desert RAM Cycle. The figure is basically a repainted RoC Shipwreck with a masked head (seriously Hasbro, all these masked heads = L-A-M-E). I like the RAM quite a bit, but hated the Sandstorm figure.

Parts: Figure (RoC Sandstorm), Tactical Vest (RoC Ripcord v5), Assault Rifle (Marauder Gun Runners).

I decided to repaint the Reactive Impact Armor plates a lighter color, so that it would work better with his desert camouflage scheme. The moisture-wicking undershirt and balaclava were left dark brown. I also added a tactical vest to give the figure a more realistic appearance (nobody goes without some kind of vest to carry extra ammunition and other equipment).

Major Bludd (Mercenary)

Major Sebastian Bludd has always been one of my favorite bad guys. He was the second bad guy I ever bought in any G.I. Joe line (the 1982 Cobra Officer was the first). I was disappointed with the single card offering from the 25th Anniversary line (version 8) and I didn't like the colors of the one from the DVD pack (version 10), so I set about creating my own version of Bludd using parts from both of the Hasbro figures. It was only after I finished the darn thing that I realized I could have just touched up the paint on version 9 and I would have been happy...

Parts: Figure & Dogtags (Major Bludd v8), Rocket Pistol & Backpack (Major Bludd v10).

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Heartwrencher (Dreadnok)

Been waiting a long time to do this one! I ordered the head and torso from SDS late last year. When it arrived, I realized that I didn't have a good set of bare arms for the figure and spent quite some time looking for a pair that would work. I ended up ordering those from SDS, as well. I took a few liberties with her outfit. First, I skipped the gloves that reach up to her bicep - after buying the bare arms, I didn't want to paint them! Second, I went with thigh-high boots instead of stockings. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Parts: Head, Torso & Arms (Slayer Design Studios), Legs (RoC Baroness v13).

Spearhead (Pointman)

Spearhead falls into the same category as most of the customs I've posted today - he was introduced at the very end of my childhood interest in G.I. Joe. Like Falcon, I can remember my brother owning a Spearhead figure.

EDIT 07/19/2011:
I finally got around to painting Max the Bobcat, and I posted new photos to show Spearhead and Max together.

Parts: Head (PoC Dusty), Helmet (bbi Elite Force Marine), Body & Tactical Vest (RoC Jungle Assault Ripcord), Rifle & Backpack (ARAH Spearhead v1).

Falcon (Green Beret)

Falcon is another character that was introduced around the time that I "outgrew" collecting Joes. I can clearly remember my younger brother having a Falcon figure, and it was one of his favorites. I thought the 25th offering was rather weak, so I set out to do him justice.

Head & Scarf (Slayer Design Studios), Body & Backpack (25th Falcon), Shotgun (bbi Elite Force).

Stretcher (Medical Specialist)

Stretcher is a character that was introduced after I'd stopped collecting Joes, so I have no real attachment to him. But when I saw the tremendous headsculpt the guys over at Slayer had come up with, I decided to give him a go. Besides, the Joe team has always seemed a little bit light on dedicated medical personnel.

Head (Slayer Design Studios), Torso (25th Ace), Arms & Legs (Resolute Duke), M4 Rifle (Marauder Gun Runners), Rescue Backpack (RoC Doc).

Pyro (Dreadnok)

Not much is known about the Dreadnok Pyro. Aside from the fact that he likes to start fires and he seems to be completely insane. It's been reported that most of the other Dreadnoks only tolerate him out of fear that he'll douse them with kerosene and light a match while they're sleeping. This guy might be a bit on the small side, but he's not to be underestimated!

Parts: Head (Slayer Design Studios), Body (IJ: KotCS Mutt Williams), Knife (RoC Shipwreck).

Iron Grenadier (Communications Officer)

This is the second in a series of Iron Grenadier support troops. This one is a Communications Officer. All Iron Grenadier combat troops have inter-personal radios built into their helmet which are ideal for communications within the squad or platoon. But when a unit commander in Sierra Gordo needs to bounce a Sat-Comm signal to Castle Destro, he needs the sophisticated Satellite Communications Equipment built into the Communications Officer's backpack. While it looks very much like the same Tele-Viper communication pack sold to Cobra, this model packs twice the transmitting power and three times the encryption ability. Who ever said that you shouldn't hold back the finest products for your own use?

Parts: Head (25th Anniversary Iron Grenadier), Body & Webgear (RoC M.A.R.S. Trooper), M41A Pulse Rifle (Marauder Gun Runners), Tele-Comm Backpack (ARAH Tele-Viper).