Saturday, February 26, 2011

Skystriker II

Like many children of the 1980's, the Skystriker was one of my all-time favorite toys. Mine was more or less destroyed and I ended up selling it for parts back before I got back into collecting G.I. Joe toys (oh, how I regret that decision). Once I got back into Joes, I started looking around for one, but vintage Skystrikers were going for quite a bit on ebay at the time. A friend over at FFURG was looking to trade off a Power Team Elite F/A-18 Hornet, so I decided to do the next best thing and create a Skystriker 2.0! So I secured the trade and then set about my research. It didn't take long to figure out that many other customizers had done something similar. In order to make mine a bit different, I decided to keep the low-visibility paint scheme and try to obtain matching decals. I had to go no further than my normal source, Ruben Jimenez. He agreed to modify a set of Skystriker decals to fit my needs. The aircraft itself only received minor paint applications and some Testors Dull-Cote. The funny thing is that as I was finishing this up, I stumbled across a very reasonably priced ARAH Skystriker, so I am now starting to restore that, as well.

Frostbite (Cold Weather Trooper)

I put far more thought into this than it probably appears.

What I mean is that I was torn between loyalty to the ARAH outfit and the desire the keep my Cold Weather Troops outfitted somewhat uniformly. The desire for uniformity won over in the end. Each of my CW guys will have subtle differences, but their uniforms will be... well, uniform!

Head (Slayer Design Studios), Entire figure (25th Anniversary Snow Job), M4 with AN/PVS-4 Night Vision Scope (Marauder, Inc.).

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Muskrat (Swamp Fighter)

This is definitely not one of my more inspired or impressive customs, but I think it gets the job done. I'd been wanting to add Muskrat to my modern era Joe team and this idea hit me the first time I laid eyes on the Pursuit of Cobra Jungle Assault Duke figure. I think that this is a pretty decent modern upgrade, while remaining true to the classic feel of the character.

Parts: Entire figure (PoC Jungle Assault Duke), Boonie hat (RoC Pit Commando), Shotgun (bbi Elite Force).