Thursday, November 17, 2011

O.S.O.K. (Iron Grenadier Sniper)

There are many accomplished marksmen within the ranks of the Iron Grenadiers, but none compare to the pure killing machine that is O.S.O.K. He tends to be quiet and reserved, rarely speaking aside from the occasional unintelligible mumble. His quarters are located deep within the lowest levels of the Castle, where few others tread voluntarily. He receives his orders and goes forth, usually alone, to wreck absolute havoc on the enemies of Laird Destro.

The first time General Voltar saw the custom painted reaper's grin on O.S.O.K.'s Grenadier mask, he told one of his subordinate Officers to have the man remove it. The Officer balked at the order and it was then that Voltar realized that even many of the Iron Grenadiers fear O.S.O.K. Not another word has ever been said about removing the paint from O.S.O.K.'s mask.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

D.E.M.O.N. II (Iron Grenadier Armored Vehicle - 2nd Generation)

Many people have repainted the Pursuit of Cobra HISS v5 in a variety of paint schemes. It tends to look amazing in any color. KingBiohazerd used three of them to create Iron Grenadier Speed-D.E.M.O.N.s, which were pretty cool! Recently, Barefoot Jedi and I discussed using the HISS v5 as the basis for a 2nd generation D.E.M.O.N., and I liked the idea enough that I started planning the project that same day.

The original D.E.M.O.N. is a fearsome fighting vehicle and it will likely remain in service with the Iron Grenadiers for many, many years to come. However, knowing that all military hardware will eventually become outdated, Laird Destro ordered that MARS research and development should begin immediately on a 2nd generation D.E.M.O.N. He directed that the new vehicle be able to fight alongside, augment and eventually replace the current D.E.M.O.N. model. By building the D.E.M.O.N. v2 on the same chassis as the HISS v5, Destro was able to keep it's development a secret, even during field testing, because they look so very similar. The reality, however, is that the D.E.M.O.N. v2 is superior in every way to the HISS v5. This is that vehicle...

EDIT 06/13/2012: I got a wild hair to create a second D.E.M.O.N. II and paint it as a command vehicle for General Voltar.  I had originally planned to put it right up on ebay to help fund other purchases, but I had a lot of fun doing this and now I'm not sure if I still want to part with it!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Iron Grenadier (Shock Trooper)

When things grind down to a stalemate and the enemy is dug in extremely well, the Iron Grenadiers call upon the Shock Troopers. These heavily armored door-kickers absorb bullets like water to a sponge, without ever breaking stride.

This is nothing more than a re-colored 30th Anniversary Iron Grenadier. What makes it kinda cool is that I only used black paint on the helmet - the rest was dyed black. If I had the patience, I'd make a few dozen more of these...