Monday, June 27, 2011

Sandstorm (Military Police)

Sandstorm was a character that appears to have been quickly cobbled together from other parts to provide a rider for the 2010 Desert RAM Cycle. The figure is basically a repainted RoC Shipwreck with a masked head (seriously Hasbro, all these masked heads = L-A-M-E). I like the RAM quite a bit, but hated the Sandstorm figure.

Parts: Figure (RoC Sandstorm), Tactical Vest (RoC Ripcord v5), Assault Rifle (Marauder Gun Runners).

I decided to repaint the Reactive Impact Armor plates a lighter color, so that it would work better with his desert camouflage scheme. The moisture-wicking undershirt and balaclava were left dark brown. I also added a tactical vest to give the figure a more realistic appearance (nobody goes without some kind of vest to carry extra ammunition and other equipment).

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