Monday, October 3, 2011

Skidmark (G.I. Joe Vehicle Specialist)

I recently accepted a commission from a fellow member to make custom figures of Muskrat, Cross-Country and Skidmark. I already had a Muskrat custom that I was happy with, but I decided to make my own versions of the other two figures while working on the commission pieces. The biggest change you'll notice with Skidmark is that I eliminated the orange from his color scheme. The dark green sweater and the green trousers were color-matched as closely as possible to the original ARAH figure. However, I decided to go with more practical colors for the helmet, vest, boots and thigh rigs.

Parts: Head (25th Anniversary Breaker), Body (25th Anniversary Beachhead), Vest (25th Anniversary Outback), Sunglasses (RoC Baroness v13), Helmet (bbi Elite Force).

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