Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tales from Castle Destro - Reader Input Poll

When I wrote Chapter 1 of Tales from Castle Destro, it was intended to be a "one-shot" story. I did not expect to have people ask to hear more about the characters I created in it. Twenty-two chapters later, I have wrapped up the first major story arc and have decided that the next few chapters will be stand alone stories, focusing on different types of Iron Grenadier troops.

As a way of thanking those who have supported this blog, I decided to include my readers on the decision-making process for chapter 23 by asking them to vote for the character they wanted to see featured in the next chapter. The results of the poll were as follows:

Annihilator - 1 vote
Ferret - 0 votes
Highlander - 1 vote
Iron Anvil - 0 votes
Iron Wolf - 1 vote
Nullifier - 7 votes
Shock Trooper - 1 vote
T.A.R.G.A.T. - 2 votes
Undertow - 7 votes
Wild Boar - 0 votes
Named characters - 0 votes

So because we had two characters tie for first place, I'll do a chapter featuring each of them. Chapter 23 will feature the Nullifier! Thanks for reading!

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