Sunday, May 27, 2012

Agent Maria Hill (Command & Control Liason)

I don't usually do a lot of cross-overs, but after seeing The Avengers recently, it occurred to me that Agent Maria Hill would make a great background character for the Command Center in my Pit Headquarters diorama.  I decided that she'd be a liason from some government agency, tasked with coordinating and overseeing Intelligence being funneled to the Joe team.  All of the personnel working in that scene are dressed in Rise of Cobra style camouflage fatigues (I had to use those figures for something, right?), so with the uniform set, I just needed to figure out what head to use.  For quite some time, I've wondered if the RoC Attack on the Pit Baroness head sculpt might actually be good under the gobs of factory paint, so I decided to try and make it work.  I removed the hair piece and used acetone to strip all of the paint.  I was left with the bare head, cast in black plastic.  I then sculpted new hair on using several still photos of the actress from the film.  It was a fairly simple style, with the hair pulled back into a bun.  Not too difficult, but I am not usually much of a sculptor, so I was very pleased with how the it turned out.  With that done, I just had to repaint the head.  As I had suspected, I found that the sculpt looked pretty good with a decent paint application!