Monday, June 11, 2012

Coil-Vipers (Elite Infantry)

Next up is some elite infantry for the Coil!  Since the Coil is a splinter group of Cobra (a movement within the movement, if you will), most of their troops will be outfitted as standard Cobra troops.  But a small number of extremely loyal, hand-selected men would be chosen to become Coil-Vipers.

Once I actually got going on these guys, they turned out to be a much bigger departure from the original Convention Exclusive Coil Trooper.  Some may frown at my decision to use the Rise of Cobra Neo-Viper, but it actually came pretty easy for a few reasons: #1) I don't currently use the Neo-Vipers in any of my displays, so they don't look like 'just a repaint', #2) I wanted to choose something that I could hopefully find a lot of, relatively inexpensively and not have to fight other collectors for and #3) I already had a couple lying around, unused.  I do not intend to keep the MP-5's they are currently armed with.  Instead, I plan to place an order with Marauder John for some of his new hardware.

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