Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dominator (Assault Helicopter / Tank Hybrid)

 The Dominator was the only Iron Grenadier vehicle that I never owned.  In truth, I kind of scoff at the idea of a tank/helicopter hybrid, but it is sorta fun.  But like I said, it was the only one I didn't own, so I knew I'd get one eventually.

I was able to get this one very cheap on ebay and immediately set about giving it the 'standardized' color scheme shared by all of my Iron Grenadier vehicles.  The vehicle's body pieces were painted gloss black (NOTE: I actually wanted the body to be flat black, but the decals adhere much better to a glossy surface). The engine intakes were painted gloss red.  The engine and the rotor assembly were painted metallic grey.  The missiles and cannons were sprayed with Krylon 14K Gold Plate. I ordered decals from my usual source, Ruben Jiminez (check out his new site, Rattler Repros).

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