Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What's next for Tales from Castle Destro?

Now that Volume III of Tales from Castle Destro is complete, several people have asked me what I plan to do next.  If my friend Nathan asks, then the answer is that I'm retiring from writing (he gets upset when I say that).  But in truth, I plan to slow down a bit.

Once my pal Hugh finishes the cover art (which I sprang on his rather unexpectedly), I'll publish the collected chapters of Volume III as another e-book.

This weekend, I'll be attending CoilCon at Kokomo Toys.  I hope to run into a few of you there.  If I don't completely fail to remember to take pictures, I'll post some of them here, as well as on the Tales from Castle Destro Facebook page.

After that, I'm planning to do some reading of my own.  Since I began writing this stuff, I've had the pleasure of discovering some fan-fic authors that I greatly enjoy reading.  Until I have something new for you, I'll try to share some work that appeals to me in hopes that you'll like it, too.

One such author is a lady who publishes at under the name Catswings1026.  She writes a variety of different things, but the stories I enjoyed most were the ones inspired by IDW's Hearts and Minds by Max Brooks.  Here is one of them:  Hearts and Minds: Hard Drive.

 Captain Flaherty and the other Iron Grenadiers will be back soon.

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