Friday, January 16, 2009

PFC Emos Datten (New Republic Marine)

Private First Class Emos Datten is a Human male from Agamar. One of the older members of the squad, he was first trained as a medic at the Imperial Academy at Carida. Realizing the low value the Empire placed on the lives of individual soldiers was the first step toward his eventual defection to the Rebel Alliance. Although he is a highly competent and fiercely loyal trooper on the battlefield, a marked inability to stay out of trouble while not in combat has prevented him from rising through the ranks over the years. He is armed with an M41A Pulse Rifle and carries standard kit, plus medical equipment.

Recipe: Head (POTF2 Endor Rebel Trooper), Body (Elite Force U.S. Soldier), M41A Pulse Rifle (NCM Rifle by Marauder, Inc.), Rucksack (Backpack with straps by Marauder, Inc.).

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