Friday, January 16, 2009

Sgt Jak Kona (New Republic Marine)

Sergeant Jak Kona is a Human male from Prairsuno. He is one of the few career Marines who manages to have a family, despite the strain of the nearly constant deployment cycle. Like most NCOs, he views the Marines under his charge as something of a second family and it is largely because of his sense of duty to their welfare that he remains on active service. He is armed with an M41A Pulse Rifle and carries standard kit, plus electrobinoculars and a thermal detonator.

Recipe: Head (Elite Force U.S. Marine), Body (Elite Force U.S. Marine), Helmet (Saga Endor Rebel Trooper) M41A Pulse Rifle (NCM Rifle by Marauder, Inc.), Rucksack (Elite Force U.S. Marine).

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