Thursday, April 16, 2009

FFURG Casting Call #55: "Customs of Us"

Recently, some of us at the Forgotten Force Ultimate Resource Group (FFURG) have been working to revive the old concept of monthly casting calls in which customizers submit theme-related customs to be showcased together. In conjunction with the 5 year anniversary of the FFURG FForums, we've decided upon a special topic: "Customs of Us - Revisited". Longtime FFURG visitors may remember "Customs of Us" from the very first casting call, back in December of 1999.

The casting call will be "open" for general submissions until the end of May. At that time, the submissions shall be gathered together and casting call will be posted on the main FFURG page. Any custom submitted after the casting call is posted will still be added to it, just not in time for the initial debut.

Please stop by FFURG and check out Casting Call #55: "Customs of Us", as well as all the other great casting calls of the past. Happy customizing!

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