Monday, May 11, 2009

Evolution of the Clone Commanders (Part II)

This is the next figure in my ongoing Evolution of the Clone Commanders series...

The next one up is Commander Bacara (CC-1138). I've always liked Bacara because he was the commanding officer of the Galactic Marines, a unit near and dear to me as I was once a Marine, myself. While Bacara's Marines wore maroon-colored armor that was the obvious predecessor to the Snowtrooper armor, he wore a regular set of phase II armor with a modified helmet. I decided to continue this trend of having him wear different gear than his troops. While Bacara's Marines would have adopted the Snowtrooper armor, I gave Bacara a set of EVO Trooper armor. Both provide the wearer with protection against the hazardous environments that might be encountered by a Marine Landing Force. As with the Cody figure, no significant modifications were made to the figure, but the armor was painted to somewhat resemble that which was previously worn by Bacara.

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