Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cobra Hydro Sled

This was actually my Cobra Hydro Sled, purchased with my hard-earned allowance, way back in 1986. When I rescued it from my mother's attic last summer, it was in pretty sorry shape, having barely survived infinite backyard battles. Aside from the expected wear and tear, the cannon / speargun attachment, which is needed to hold the forward armor in place, was long gone. The decals were mostly gone. One of the mounting pylons was broken off and stuck inside the corresponding torpedo.

So, I began by reattaching the torpedo mounting pylon with the aid of a little super glue. worked like a charm and the torpedo is still removeable. The bigger problem was what to do about a main weapon system. Fortunately, there were various vehicular weapons found in the same attic storage box. I trimmed and modified the minigun from the RAM sidecar (ironically, the only piece I still have from the RAM) and super glued it in place. When it came time to repaint, I kept a lot of the original paint scheme, but tried to spice it up a bit, too. The sled was given a liberal application of Testors Dull-Cote.

My son and daughter allowed me to borrow these three Cobra divers for the photos. After the photos were taken, the kids were delighted to receive the Hydro Sled as the latest custom donation to their ever-growing G.I. Joe collection.

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