Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rock N Roll (G.I. Joe Machine Gunner)

Many of the classic G.I. Joe and Cobra characters have gotten a new look for the Rise of Cobra and/or Pursuit of Cobra lines. For the most part, I think this is a good thing. It's not like each character would have had only one outfit, right? Things would change from time to time and from one environment to the next. My one real objection is the few cases like Bench Press. What an excellent figure! But, did they need to steal Rock & Roll's file name and biography for him? Couldn't they have just said "this is Rock & Roll as he appears in the RoC/PoC lines". Anyway, I decided not to get worked up about it. Instead, I just repainted Bench Press' hair and beard the correct color and rename him as... you guessed it: Rock & Roll!


  1. "Couldn't they have just said "this is Rock & Roll as he appears in the RoC/PoC lines". "

    No. They couldn't secure the rights to Rock'n'Roll's name this time around, so they made him a brand-new character instead, hence the brown hair and lack of machine gun. Along with the different code name.

    Problem is, Hasbro's copy writer forgot to change the real name on the filecard.

  2. @ taiyounotekken:

    You know, I'm aware that they occasionally have that problem - but for some reason it didn't occur to me this time around. Thanks for the insight! As long as there is a logical reason, I guess I'm cool with it. But like you said, I wish they'd remembered to change the file name, too!