Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shipwreck (Navy SEAL)

This is a figure I've wanted to do ever since I first became acquainted with the DDP America's Elite series. I really liked the long hair, watch-cap, beard-but-no-mustache look the artist gave Shipwreck. At the same time, the RoC Shipwreck figure was one of my favorites from that line. I mean, seriously, is there anyone that wouldn't have liked seeing Shipwreck in the film? Anyway, I eventually decided to try combining what I liked from each look. This may not be one of the more difficult or impressive customs I've ever done, but at the moment it is one of my favorites. I'm calling this "City Strike Shipwreck" because he fits so well with my other Pursuit of Cobra figures...

Parts: Entire figure (RoC Shipwreck), Hair (BnB Razor Ramon), H&K G36 Assault Rifle (RoC Pit Commando).

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