Monday, November 22, 2010

Repeater (Steadi-Cam Machine Gunner)

I wanted a modern era version of Repeater that was more true to the original character design, so I whipped up this very simple part-swap custom.

Parts: Head (RoC TRU Exclusive 5-pack Zartan), Body (RoC TRU Exclusive 5-pack Footloose), Vest & Machine Gun (RoC TRU Exclusive 5-pack Repeater), Backpack / Ammo Carrier (RoC Neo Viper), FN F2000 Assault Rifle (RoC Sgt Stone), Pistol Belt & FN Five SeveN (RoC General Hawk).

There was really not much to this custom. The only real modifications were to the weapons. The F2000 had a small hole drilled in the stock so that it could be mounted on his backpack / ammo carrier, for use as a back-up weapon. The Machine Gun had the original pistol grip cut off. I then trimmed the small stock down to resemble the type of hand-grip trigger mechanism found on the original figure's weapon. I also removed the secondary grip from the right-hand side of the weapon and re-installed it on the left-hand side. Finally, the ammo carrier had a rectangular slot cut in the bottom so that the ammunition appears to actually "feed" from it. All other modifications were simple paint applications.

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  1. well done and cool idea.
    Falcon C (flickr)