Monday, November 22, 2010

Devilfish (G.I. Joe Fast Attack Boat)

This is another of my childhood toys that was rescued from mom's attic. It had reall seen better days, so I decided to spruce it up a bit...

Two of the missile mounting studs had been broken off back in the 80's, so I used the Dremel to smooth these areas out a bit as if the studs were never there. I also removed the footpegs, which are far too big for the modern era Joes. Before putting the Dremel away, I also drilled a small holed in the housing behind the seat. This allows the SCUBA gear from RoC Shipwreck to be attached there. It seemed logical that a guy would need some way to escape if his boat was crippled and the bad guys were closing in. Once the Dremeling was finished, the entire top portion was spray-painted with Testors Competition Orange. The hull piece was spray-painted with flat grey. The "no-skid" was painted using flat black. For those who don't know, this is essentially a very gritty paint used by naval forces to make an area more or less "slip-proof". Seemed like a good idea for the areas where a person would be getting in and out of the boat.

I used a lot of aluminum, steel, gunmetal and other colors to bring out some of the sculpted details. The replacement decals came from our pal Ruben in Mexico.

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