Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tigerfish (G.I. Joe Fast Attack Boat)

So after I finished my Devilfish, my son was just completely enamored with it. A couple of months earlier I had given him my younger brother's old TigerFish and he immediately asked me to "upgrade" it...

As I had done with my Devilfish, I used the Dremel to remove the footpegs, which are far too big for the modern era Joes. The old sticker residue was removed using a very gentle dishwashing liquid. Where I screwed up here was in allowing my son to help without explaining that if he scrubbed too hard, it would also remove the paint. So once all the sticker residue was gone, we had some seriously messed up white and brown areas. I don't own an airbrush, so the best I was able to do was to use spray-paint cans to try and recreate the gradual "fade-in" of those areas. While it doesn't look quite the same as it originally did, I think the results were good considering the limitations we had.

The missiles and engine covers were spray-painted red because the plastic had faded to a really lame-looking pink. The hull piece was spray-painted with flat white. All of the remaining details were painted exactly the same as my Devilfish. The "no-skid" was painted using flat black. I used a lot of aluminum, steel, gunmetal and other colors to bring out some of the sculpted details. The decals came from our pal Ruben in Mexico. Finally, the entire boat was given a liberal application of Dull-Cote to protect the paint from the future battles my son is currently planning.

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