Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oktober Guard

My very first issue of the classic G.I. Joe comic was #6, which introduced the Oktober Guard. To this day, that is one of my all-time favorite Joe stories and the Oktober Guard have a special place in my heart. The recipes for these figures were blatantly stolen from the exquisite work of several different HissTank customizers - all I really did was assemble the parts and paint them.

Colonel Brekhov (Team Commander)


Horror Show

(Naval Infantry)

(Flame Weapons Specialist)


The first time I saw the PoC VAMP, the color and aesthetic reminded me of something the Oktober Guard would have driven. When I started work on these guys, I set about obtaining a VAMP for them. The Oktober Guard logos are decals from CobraStickers.


  1. Stupid sexy Russians, hats off to you. THought about using any PTE Chinese vehicles for your Oktober Guard?

  2. Dr Syn - Thanks for the comment! I think the PTE Chinese vehicles would work perfectly. The only problem is availability. The retailers that typically carry that line are somewhat rare in my area. I've never laid eyes on any of them in real life!