Monday, July 26, 2010

Darklon (Iron Grenadier Field Commander)

While Voltar is the overall commander of Destro's IG forces, I've always envisioned Darklon as a company or platoon-level leader who is right in the thick of things with his men. It isn't that he isn't intelligent or ruthless enough to be a top-level commander - he'd just prefer to be stalking prey in the bush, as opposed to directing the battle from afar. I see him as the guy that Destro would send in - covertly, with a small group of hand-picked IG's in plain clothes - to subvert and de-stabilize local governments, so that Voltar and his uniformed IG forces could then be sent in to "rescue" the country and restore order, guaranteeing that the government would then be grateful and beholden to Destro.

Head (ARAH Darklon), Body (Ultimate Battle Pack Destro), Sword Belt (Ultimate Battle Pack Destro), Pistol (RoC Cover Girl).

Supplies: Dremel, paintbrushes, Testors paints, Testors Dull-Cote.

Reference: Photos of the vintage Darklon figure.

Because I wanted Darklon to be a bit bigger than the other Iron Grenadiers, I decided to use the UBP Destro body for him. It looks a bit more regal than the others, as well, which I find fitting since he is a relative of Destro's. I knew before starting that I did not want my Darklon to have green skin so that he looked like he fell into a vat of toxic waste. But otherwise, I had planned to stick with the ARAH color scheme, as closely as possible. I actually started painting this guy twice. Both times, he got dunked in thinner to remove the paint. I just could not find a way to use the original colors in which they did not look like crap. So, I dreamed up my own color scheme. I decided that Darklon would be attired similarly to Destro, except that he'd be wearing tiger-stripe camouflage utilities under the trappings of the IG clan. At the end of the day, this is nothing more than a repainted figure with a new head and some accessories, but I'm pretty happy with him because he fits the image of what I always thought Darklon should be.

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