Monday, January 31, 2011

Driftwood (Dreadnok)

Like many Dreadnok prospects, not much is known of Driftwood's past. He has no noticeable accent or mannerisms that would reveal where he might have come from. What is know about him is that he loves a good firefight, displaying courage in the face of enemy fire that Dreadnoks are not normally known for. Because he handles himself so well in combat, it is believed that he has had extensive combat training and experience. The really frightening part is that this courage is not based in any sort of allegiance to unit or mission, but in the fact that he simply loves the thrill of shooting at, and being shot at by, other human beings.

Parts: Head (Slayer Design Studios), Torso & Arms (PoC Recondo), Legs (PoC Jungle Assault Duke), Equipment Harness (PoC Dusty), SCAR (Marauder, Inc.).

Driftwood was created specifically for the Dreadnok Mission Prospect Contest at Custom Figure Wars. Stop over there and check out the other great entries!

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