Thursday, January 20, 2011

Night Fox (Navy SEAL)

My kids recently bought me the Pursuit of Cobra AWE Striker for my birthday. It's a very cool item, but I felt like Hasbro kinda missed the mark on a couple of things. I ended up giving it a new paint-job, but that's a different story. The driver, Night Fox, is another Navy SEAL and a Hispanic character. I've always thought the Joes needed more diversity within their ranks, so I'm always happy when Hasbro gives us more characters of varied ethnicities and nationalities. My only real problem with the figure is that they gave him a masked head. Really? Another one? Seriously? A smaller issue was that the gunbelt would not allow the tactical vest to sit properly on his torso. I solved this by dumping the gunbelt in my fodder box. It's a very cool accessory - and it will work well on a different figure.

Parts: Head (RoC Tunnel Rat), Entire figure (PoC Night Fox), M4 rifle (PoC Jungle Assault Duke).

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