Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wet Down (Navy SEAL)

Like Tracker, Wet Down is another character that I had never heard of until 2010. He was released in the A Real American Hero Collection line during 2001. The figure was nothing more than a repaint of the original 1983 Torpedo figure - even the accessories were identical. When I set about doing my Wet Down, he was also going to be a repaint, but I wanted to jazz him up just a little bit. After all, he's going to end up displayed with the rest of my divers and I need to be able to tell him apart from Torpedo, right? So I added some new accessories and deviated just a bit from the original paint scheme.

Parts: Entire figure (RoC Deep-Six), MP-5 Submachinegun (25th Anniversary Cobra Diver), Parachute Harness (25th Anniversary Snow Serpent), Dive Knife, Pistol & Fins (RoC Deep Six), Mask & Airpack (25th Anniversary SRO Lt Torpedo).

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