Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Big Ben (British SAS Trooper)

I've never owned a Big Ben figure before and since he's such a cool character, it was inevitable that I'd get around to making one. Big Ben is a member of Britain's Special Air Service, the most elite of all the Queen's armed forces. My one big complaint about all the existing Big Ben figures is that every single one had him wearing a cold weather hat and jacket - as if the SAS never operates outside of the chillier climates. I decided that my version of Big Ben would be a more variable-climate representation. Since I was straying from the original design anyway, I decided to give him a bit of a modern upgrade, as well.

Parts: Head (Golden Compass Lord Asrial), Torso & Arms (RoC Jungle Assault Ripcord), Legs (PoC Recondo), Beret (RoC Sgt Stone), Hands (25th Anniversary Wild Bill), Ammunition Bandoliers (25th Anniversary Rock & Roll), M240 Machinegun (ARAH Big Ben v1), Pistol Belt (RoC Reactive Armor Duke).

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