Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cheesehead (Badger Driver)

This figure was created specifically for the Pimp Daddy Destro My Ride Contest at HissTank. The contest's Vehicle Category involves making a dedicated vehicle for a character that never had one before and the Figure Category involves a new character to be the driver for a vehicle that didn't come with one. For the Figure Category, I decided to create a driver for the G.I. Joe Badger vehicle. The character is loosely based on my 7-year old son (in the respect that he wanted it to be him and helped me decide on the background). I had a lot of fun working on this! Hope you dig it!


Code Name:


File Name:

Maue, Adam T.



Primary Military Specialty:


Secondary Military Specialty:

Motor Transport


Sun Prairie, WI


E-4 (Corporal)

Cheesehead has the typical Midwesterner’s temperament – he takes things as they come and not a whole lot gets him upset. He was born and raised just outside of the Wisconsin state capitol and grew up rooting for the UW Badgers and the Green Bay Packers. Upon reporting for his Greenshirt assignment to the Joe team Motor Pool, Clutch immediately began calling him “Cheesehead” in an attempt to get under his skin. Instead of getting upset, Cheesehead just accepted it. No one was more surprised than Clutch, when Cheesehead elected to keep his unofficial nickname after his final selection to the main element of the Joe team. He requested and was assigned as a Badger Driver. It didn’t take him long to upgrade the armament and put his own personal flair on his vehicle!

Cheesehead is easy-going and affable – until the shooting starts. The last place you want to be then, is in his gunsights. The guy just doesn’t know the meaning overkill!

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  1. Now this is awesome!!

    Badger Badger!

    I was contemplating working on a Badger myself, I've done an all black painted one, but, I have some ideas in my head that could notch the Badger up into a sweet recon. ride.