Monday, April 4, 2011

Solid-Lock (Radar Intercept Officer)

Since 1983, we've seen Lt Wayne Ruthel's name on the side of our Skystrikers, proclaiming his status as Ace's Radar Intercept Officer. When I set out to make a figure of this mysterious fellow, I first searched the customs forum over at HissTank to see if anyone else had already done so. Surprisingly, the only other Lt Ruthel I was able to find was by HissTank member Shipwreck. (Click here to check it out: Lt Wayne Ruthel - Code Name: Solid-Lock).

I had a very specific idea of how I wanted my figure to be outfitted, but I had not yet thought about a head or a code name. Since I liked what Shipwreck had done with his, I decided use the same head and code name on mine. Does that make him an "official" charcater yet? LOL


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