Monday, April 25, 2011

Razorback (Iron Grenadier High-Speed Assault Vehicle)

This is just a repaint of the classic Razorback, inspired by my overwhelming desire to have things uniform and standardized. Essentially, I just wanted my Razorback to match what I view as the "standard" Iron Grenadier paint scheme (you may be starting to notice a pattern here). The vehicle's two main body pieces and the engine cover were painted gloss black (NOTE: I actually wanted the body to be flat black, but the decals adhere much better to a glossy surface. So my solution was to use gloss black, apply the decals and then use Testors Dull-Cote to dull the shine). The clear pieces of the cockpit canopy and the gunner's turret were cleaned with Windex to be as perfectly clean as I could possibly get them. Then, I sprayed the inside of each piece with Testors Candy Apple Red. By painting only the in side of these pieces, I hope to avoid the paint rub that would definitely have resulted on the turret bubble. The missiles and cannons were sprayed with Krylon 14K Gold Plate. I have not found a better gold spray paint than this one. I had planned to order decals from my usual source, Ruben Jiminez, but then I realized that the original decals used a lot of black which would not have been visible on this vehicle. So instead, I improvised. I hand painted the numbers in gold and then trimmed some red tape to the proper size for the stripes on the turret housing. After the detailing was done, the whole thing was given a liberal application of Testors Dull-Cote before the clear red pieces were put on.

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