Thursday, November 17, 2011

O.S.O.K. (Iron Grenadier Sniper)

There are many accomplished marksmen within the ranks of the Iron Grenadiers, but none compare to the pure killing machine that is O.S.O.K. He tends to be quiet and reserved, rarely speaking aside from the occasional unintelligible mumble. His quarters are located deep within the lowest levels of the Castle, where few others tread voluntarily. He receives his orders and goes forth, usually alone, to wreck absolute havoc on the enemies of Laird Destro.

The first time General Voltar saw the custom painted reaper's grin on O.S.O.K.'s Grenadier mask, he told one of his subordinate Officers to have the man remove it. The Officer balked at the order and it was then that Voltar realized that even many of the Iron Grenadiers fear O.S.O.K. Not another word has ever been said about removing the paint from O.S.O.K.'s mask.


  1. Love the overkill of the Battlefield 2142 rifle converted into a sniper rifle. very cool.

  2. Thanks! I wasn't aware of the source of the rifle's design until it was pointed out to me! It's pretty distinctive, isn't it?