Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Iron Grenadier (Shock Trooper)

When things grind down to a stalemate and the enemy is dug in extremely well, the Iron Grenadiers call upon the Shock Troopers. These heavily armored door-kickers absorb bullets like water to a sponge, without ever breaking stride.

This is nothing more than a re-colored 30th Anniversary Iron Grenadier. What makes it kinda cool is that I only used black paint on the helmet - the rest was dyed black. If I had the patience, I'd make a few dozen more of these...


  1. Hi there,

    Very nice finish on that IG. Always had a thing for Desto's elite to wear regal black. One question though. You mention that the figurine was "dyed black" rather than painted on. Is there anywhere could read more about how to perform such a dye job on my Joes? Just ordered myself a couple (yeahp, hard to get in Central Europe) and I'd like to follow your example, if I may. =)

    Best regards from Munich,

  2. Pat - I'm glad you like this guy. He was a lot of fun to make, an so ridiculously simple! When I first started dyeing figures, I used this video tutorial by RATFINK (http://www.customfigurewars.com/content/how-properly-rit-dye-figures) to get things rolling. Once you start, you'll find your own variations on the technique.

    - Sgt Humpty