Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Commander Naraw Corobb (Ithorian Surgical Officer)

Commander Corobb is the Chief Medical Officer aboard the New Republic light cruiser Defiance. It is his job to ensure the training of all other onboard medical personnel, as well as to treat patients as needed. Like most of his people, Commander Corobb is a non-combatant. Despite this, he honors the courage of those who protect the freedoms of others and gladly serves to ensure their continued health.

Parts: Head (PotF2 Momaw Nadon), Torso (Mon Calamari Officer), Arms (Mon Calamari Officer), Legs (Mon Calamari Officer), Forearms & hands (PotF2 Momaw Nadon), Feet (PotF2 Momaw Nadon).

Supplies: X-acto knife, Dremel, super glue, brushes, Testors paints, Polly Scale paints and Testors Dull-Cote.

Reference: Commander Corobb is entirely a product of my imagination, but he does follow the same uniform paint sceme as the other New Republic fleet officers I've done.

I replaced the Mon Calamari head with the Ithorian head. If this is done carefully, the neck articulation can be maintained. Next, I cut off the feet and the lower part of the arms. I used the Dremel to hollow the sleeves and pant legs a little bit. Just enough so that the feet and arms could be inserted into the holes. I used a dab of super glue to secure the arms and feet. Once this was done, it was a simple matter of repainting his uniform to match my other New Republic officers. After the paint dried, I applied a light coat of Testors Dull-Cote.

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