Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trade Federation SCP-90JV Scorpion Droid

This idea was borrowed from Darth Tedious at FFURG. Based upon a transforming flashlight, called LiteFormz, he came up with the Trade Federation SCP-90 Scorpion Droid. I liked his droid so much that I kept my eyes open for the same product. I wanted to change my version around a bit, so as not to be a complete copy of DT's work. Therefore, I decided to use the metallic green flake spray-paint I already had on-hand and turned this one into a jungle variant. The cannon (which actually fires a spring-loaded projectile) is mounted to the same ball-joint that used to hold the flashlight part and can swivel in any direction. You can expect to see this fellow battling the camouflaged troopers of the 41st Elite Legion someday soon.

DT's original custom droid can be seen here:

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