Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cremator (Iron Grenadier Flame Weapons Specialist)

These are some of the nastiest individuals within the ranks of the Iron Grenadiers. The Cremator's primary weapon system is the MARS-240 Flame Unit, which is designed for close combat situations at the squad and fire team level. The weapon uses a pressurized form of napalm which is ignited at the nozzle burner, and can be used to cover an area up to 25 meters. With a standard fuel reservoir good for up to 20 bursts, the flame unit is considered to be one of the most fierce weapons in the MARS armory. However, the fuel reservoir has a tendency to rupture violently when hit by shrapnel or small arms fire.  Cremators are outfitted with special fire-resistant suits and a closed-system breathing apparatus.

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