Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gravedigger (Iron Grenadier Anti-Armor Specialist)

Anyone with a rocket launcher, 15 minutes of training and a little luck is capable of taking out an armored vehicle. Gravediggers make anti-armor warfare an art form. They are specialists in all known anti-armor rocket and missile systems, as well as anti-tank mines and other more 'exotic' means of defeating armor systems.

The Gravedigger uses a PoC Alley Viper figure as the base.  I swapped the legs out for a pair from a 25th Anniversary Iron Grenadier.  I did the same with the head.  The right forearm knife sheath was removed and replaced with the 'Leatherman tool' that has been packed with several figures over the past few years. This item is a must for anyone that works with explosives.  The submachinegun is from a 25th Anniversary Specialist Trakker figure and the rocket launcher is from PoC Duke.

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