Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Iron Grenadier Infantry Officer

During the 25th Anniversary line, one of the Senior Ranking Officers sets featured Destro and a pair of Iron Grenadiers.  Oddly, one of the Grenadiers featured purple in place of red in the traditional Grenadiers' paint scheme.  This figure was designated as the Iron Grenadier Trooper.  The Grenadier in red was designated as an Officer.  Like many, I considered this to be a packaging error, largely for my own convenience. Since the black, gold and red troopers were more readily available than the black, gold and purple, it made sense that the more common figure would be the enlisted trooper.  This led to my adopting purple as the standard for IG Officers.  This is what I've come up with as my 'standard' for an Iron Grenadier Infantry Officer.  Each Grenadier's helmet is equipped with an intra-unit communications package, allowing troops to talk to each other during combat operations.  However, the Officer's helmet incorporates global communications system, which allows the unit commander on the battlefield to communicate directly with Castle Destro.  The ceremonial swords are still a part of the official uniform, but I felt they were impractical to wear into combat.  So I designed an infantryman's belt for all of my IG infantry forces.  I made it by taking an Iron Grenadier belt, cutting the sword scabbard off and then attaching pouches and other items to it.  The IG infantryman's belt features (6) rifle magazines, (1) utility pouch, (3) hand grenades and (1) canteen.  Both the helmet and the belt are now available from Raginspoon.

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