Wednesday, October 24, 2012

TARGAT (Trans-Atmospheric Rapid Global Assault Trooper)

Updating my older work seems to have become a common practice for me lately.  Back when I created my first TARGAT figures, I used what I had available to make them.  A lot has changed since then and it was time to update these guys...

This version was made using a PoC Skydive figure as the base.  I added the removable helmet from my first TARGAT custom, along with the weapons and accessories from the vintage figure.  I decided to use the webgear from a Retaliation Cobra Trooper for a few reasons; #1) it has a holster for the high-energy hand laser, #2) it included six cylinders on the harness that looked like they could be explosives (like the grenades on the vintage figure), and #3) I used the Retaliation Cobra Trooper as the base figure for my Iron Anvils, so I have a lot of these webgear lying around unused.

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