Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fenn Shysa (Mandalorian Protector)

Fenn Shysa was a Mandalorian and one of only 212 soldiers to fight under Alpha-Ø2 during the Clone Wars. Along with his childhood friend, Tobbi Dala, Shysa fought for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, who were affiliated with the planet of Mandalore. By the war's end and the defeat of the Separatists, those Mandalorian forces had been reduced to only Shysa, Dala, and a psychologically scarred Alpha-Ø2. Shysa and Dala returned to Mandalore hoping to find peace following the war, but they were forced into combat against the newly formed Galactic Empire, who had set up a slaving operation on the planet. After many years of fighting, the Mandalorians finally triumphed against the Imperials. Although his world was finally free from Imperials, Shysa continued to take the fight to the Empire, reforming the Mandalorian Protectors and leading them into battle alongside the Alliance of Free Planets during the Nagai-Tof War. Shysa's men played a pivotal role in the Second Battle of Endor, repelling Nagai forces personally led by the Dark Lady Lumiya. Following the end of the conflict and the joining of the Nagai with the Alliance of Free Planets, Shysa traveled to Nagi to liberate the world from the Tof. After a long and distinguished career, including a presence at the Battle of Mindor, Shysa perished on the planet Shogun, saving Boba Fett from death.

Parts: Figure, Helmet and Jetpack (Comic Pack Fenn Shysa), Blaster, Holster and Gunbelt (Comic Pack Mara Jade), Equipment Belt, Pouches and Cape (VTSC Boba Fett).
Supplies: X-acto knife, Super Glue, Paintbrushes, Testors paints and Testors Dull-Cote.
Reference: Marvel Comics' Star Wars #68.

The only significant thing that I changed from the original Shysa figure was the equipment. I understand and appreciate that Hasbro is able to produce a greater number of figures, while keeping costs down, by re-using the same molds. However, I've always objected to the fact that almost all Mandalorian figures are equipped with the same old gear (either Boba Fett's gear or Jango Fett's gear). It is my contention that each Mando's gear would be hand-picked according to individual tastes. So, I removed the twin pistol rig that came with the figure and replaced his belt with the multi-pouch equipment belt from a VTSC Boba Fett. I trimmed off the large pouch on the right hip so that it looked a bit different and also to allow room for a low-slung blaster on the right thigh. For this, I took the gunbelt from a comic pack Mara Jade and dropped it in boiling water. While soft, I stretched it out to fit properly on the Shysa figure. Once I put the two belts on, they fit perfectly together. The flightsuit under his armor plates was re-painted in olive drab (which I felt was a far more realistic color for a soldier) and then drybrushed twice with progressively lighter shades of OD green. The equipment belt and gunbelt were painted light brown and then "weathered" a bit to look like worn leather. I liked the metallic green of his armor, so I left that alone, but I did apply some steel paint to depict wear and tear. The cloth cape was glued to his shoulder with a small bit of plastic to simulate the anchoring point. His range finder and gauntlets were also touched up. Finally, I thought that he needed a special rifle, so I created one for him from a bunch of different scrap weapon parts. I've taken to calling it the DnJ Armaments ZF-1 (kudos to anyone who gets that obscure reference). I also applied a coat of Testors Dull-Cote to seal the paint and reduce shine.

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  1. Nice improvements! I totally agree with your thoughts on the equipment - I will deck out my Mandies with new supplies when I get around to working on them.