Monday, March 9, 2009

Gavin Darklighter (Human Pilot - Rogue Squadron)

Gavin is the younger cousin of Biggs Darklighter, who was killed in the assault on the first Death Star. Gavin joined Rogue Squadron when it was re-built by Wedge Antilles. He was in his late teens at the time. Years later, having attained the rank of Colonel, Gavin commanded Rogue Squadron during the Yuuzhan Vong conflict.

Parts: Head (Chap Mei Space Force figure), Torso (TAC Biggs Darklighter), Arms (TAC Biggs Darklighter), Legs (TAC Biggs Darklighter), Helmet (TAC Biggs Darklighter).

Supplies: Paintbrushes, Testors paints and Testors Dull-Cote.

Reference: Michael A. Stackpole gives a pretty good description of him in his series of X-wing books. Gavin is described as looking a lot like a younger Biggs, but instead of the mustache, Gavin sports a full goatee.

The only thing that I changed from the Biggs figure was the head. On my original version of this character, I followed the trend and used a Biggs head with a Goatee painted on. Thye're cousins, right? They'd look somewhat alike, right? The problem was that he didn't look like Gavin, he looked like Biggs with some extra facial hair. This time around I used the head from a Space Force figure I had in my parts box. I repainted the entire head and added a goatee. I thought a lot about repainting the helmet, but eventually decided to hold off. Basically, I have no idea what Gavin's helmet should look like (anyone who knows is more than welcome to let me know). Therefore, I left it alone knowing that I can always paint it in the future. I also applied a coat of Testors Dull-Cote to seal the paint and reduce shine.


  1. 2 Things, and I really don't want to drop this bomb on you, but Gavin's hair is more like Luke's than like Biggs. *waits for the screams and swearing*

    Next, helmet ideas, since Gavin decorated Jawaswag aka Catch in the motif of a Kryat Dragon, and his X-Wing in Bacta War like a Kryat Dragon, personally I tried a crappy Kryat Dragon design with eyes where the "comet/rebel" symbols are and going with a reptiliian color.

  2. Paul,

    When you say his hair is more like Luke's, do you mean in terms of color or length and style? If it's a fairly easy fix, I'll probably do it. If it means scrapping the whole head, I might be reluctant...