Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Armadillo (Anti-Aircraft Tank)

This version of the Armadillo was released after I had stopped playing with Joes. But like the Lynx, my younger brother had one and kept it in pretty decent condition (based on this, perhaps you can guess which vehicle is next on my workbench?). Once again, this is just a "refurbishing" of the original toy with some added detailing. Specifically, these things were done:

- The drive wheels were painted the same color as the rest of the vehicle.
- The six XXX-101 Surface-to-Air Missiles were "livened up" with a yellow stripe around each.
- The winch cable was painted.

After the vehicle was painted, I applied a new set of decals by Ruben Jiminez. I used the standard Armadillo decals, rather than the Slaughter's Marauder's version because I like my vehicles to be mostly uniform in appearance.

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