Friday, March 2, 2012

Spearhead (Pointman)

This is the second version of Spearhead I've done. The first was much more accurate to the vintage figure - the color scheme was closer and it included the vintage weapon, backpack and his pet bobcat Max. I was actually happy with that version until I acquired this headless body in a trade with fellow HissTank member Mermaniel. It's mostly a repainted Dusty figure from the Pursuit of Cobra line, but I was really impressed with his replication of the 1990's U.S. military "chocolate chip" camouflage pattern that I remembered so well from my USMC days. As soon as I received the body, I knew it would end up being a replacement Spearhead. In a moment of complete laziness, I used a Rise of Cobra Channing Tatum head sculpt - mostly because I had so many extras lying around, but also because I hadn't bothered to use the head anywhere in my collection yet. I added a repainted backpack from the 25th Anniversary Sgt Airborne and a CAR-15 rifle from Marauder Gun Runners. I added an AN/PVS-4 Night Vision Scope and a suppressor (both also from Marauder) to the rifle, as I found them to be appropriate for a pointman. At first, I wasn't going to post this figure, because someone else painted the figure. All I really did was add a new head and customize a rifle and pack for him... But then I decided that I dug the figure enough that I wanted to share him, easy custom or not.

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