Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lynx (Fire Support Vehicle - Artillery)

The Lynx was released after I had stopped playing with Joes. Luckily for me, my younger brother had one and kept it in pretty decent condition. It was originally intended as a tank, but since the Joes have so many of those, I decided to view it as a fire support vehicle, similar to the Wolverine but with a 155mm self-reloading howitzer. Like the Wolverine I posted yesterday, this is just a "refurbishing" of the original toy with some added detailing. Specifically, these things were done:

- The drive wheels were painted the same color as the rest of the vehicle.
- The seat was painted black.
- The engine compartment was painted steel, aluminum and black.
- The tools (which we called "pioneer gear" in the USMC) were painted the correct color.
- The waterproof bags strapped to the vehicle's engine cover were painted the correct color (these bags are used to hold the camouflage netting that hides the vehicle from overhead observation when it is idle).

After the vehicle was painted, I applied a new set of decals by Ruben Jiminez. I used a set of Wolverine decals, rather than the Lynx decals because because I like my vehicles to be mostly uniform in appearance, and didn't really care for the Slaughter's Marauders decals.

Here's a shot of both Fire Support Vehicles together:

Next up will be the Armadillo!

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