Friday, August 19, 2011

Annihilator v2 (Iron Grenadier Heli-Assault Trooper)

When I first started army-building Iron Grenadiers, many of the custom figures I created were closely based on the original versions from the late 1980's. Since then, my tastes have evolved somewhat and I'm looking to give my forces a modern upgrade. During July, I introduced my Iron Grenadier Highlanders and earlier this month I debuted my new TARGAT's. Now I give you my upgraded versions of Destro's Elite Helicopter-Assault Troops, the Annihilators...

Parts: Head (25th Anniversary Para-Viper), Helmet (RoC Aqua-Viper Officer), Body (RoC Air Viper v3 or RoC Air Viper v5), Torso Armor, Submachinegun & Heli-pack (25th Anniversary Specialist Trakker).

The Annihilator in the red flightsuit is the unit commander. The idea of giving the Officers different colored flightsuits originally came from my having a lot of trouble acquiring as many as I wanted of the other version. As of this posting, I've only finished off the three in the photos, but I have enough parts on-hand or pending through trades to knock out at least two more trooper versions.

As ridiculously simple as this recipe is, doesn't it kinda make you wish Hasbro would throw these guys together and give us a carded version at retail?

Edit 06/15/2012: Followers of my fan-fic blog, Tales from Castle Destro recognize the first four Annihilators as characters from those stories - Colonel Nero, Captain Starbuck, Lieutenant Wang and Lieutenant Wert.  During one story, the group is deployed to the jungle country of Sierra Muerte, during which time they adopt a more tactically sound uniform.  This figure is the only one of these I've made and it could honestly be any of the four existing characters.

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