Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tinker (G.I. Joe Vehicle Design Engineer)

This is my entry for the Mission Prospect Custom Contest Part II at Custom Figure Wars.


Code Name:


File Name:

Walker, Kristina K.



Primary Military Specialty:

Motor Transport

Secondary Military Specialty:

Computer-Aided Design


New Orleans, Louisiana


GS-12 (DoD Civilian Employee)

Tinker was recruited right out of MIT and had no military experience prior to joining the G.I. Joe team. Her ability to design combat systems in her head made her one of the few “exceptional” individuals to be considered for such a move. She underwent the basic orientation course (which the most seasoned of combat veterans would find difficult to say the least) and made it through on sheer guts.

Tinker has always enjoyed trying new things. While in school, she saw an advertisement for one of those robotic combat contests in which the designers attempt to dismantle each other’s creations by remote control and thought it would be “fun” to give it a shot. She left all of her competition in smoldering piles and one of the weapon systems she designed for that contest is still classified by the Pentagon. It was pure coincidence that an unidentified member of the Joe team was in attendance and submitted her name for review immediately after returning to the Pit. Tinker now spends her days dreaming up new and better ways to enhance the offensive and defensive capabilities of the Joes’ vehicle fleet.

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