Monday, August 15, 2011

Swami (Iron Grenadier Vehicle Specialist)

No one is quite sure where Swami originally got his codename, aside from the fact that it was a nickname he had long before joining the Iron Grenadiers. It is rumored that he had once planned a teaching career - until he punched his professor in her wrinkled old face. The Swami eventually found a home with the Iron Grenadiers, where Laird Destro pays him to "combat test" experimental vehicles. Usually, this means that he gets to drive as fast as possible, over unforgiving terrain... While shooting at people.

Parts: Head (RoC Duke), Body (RoC Bench Press), Holstered Pistol (PoC Hawk), M41A Pulse Rifle (Marauder Gun Runners).

This character is loosely based on HissTank member and fellow Iron Grenadier xSwamiJayx. The head was resculpted a bit to try and capture his likeness. I think it's reasonably close, but I'm not much of a sculptor so that's going to have to do.

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