Monday, August 1, 2011

Rock Vipers (Cobra Mountain Troopers)

When I first saw the Pursuit of Cobra Rock Vipers, I wasn't very excited - in fact, I had planned to pass on the figure entirely. To be honest, it was the head that threw me off. I just hate it when Hasbro gets all lazy and throws a random masked head on a figure that would otherwise be outstanding (e.g. Sandstorm, Night Fox, Skydive, etc.). But then, I saw the custom headsculpt created by member and fellow Iron Grenadier Eduardimus Prime and I was sold! I ordered two heads from Ed and picked up a couple of Rock Vipers.

Parts: Head (Custom sculpt by EduardimusPrime), Everything else (PoC Rock Viper).

1 comment:

  1. Just that one simple modification of changing the head, and suddenly this zero becomes a hero.