Monday, August 8, 2011

Navy SEAL's of the G.I. Joe Team

I've been asked several times about a group photo, so here they are!

Left to Right:
Harpoon, Tracker, Depth Charge, The Chin, Torpedo, Wet-Suit, Wet Down, Mariner and Night Fox.


  1. Great picture! I am working on the 1/6 scale
    version of the GI JOE NAVY SEAL roster myself. I'm unfamiliar with "the Chin" and "Mariner". Have you come acrossed "Topside"?

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      The Chin is a character I imported from the TV show Burn Notice. On the show, Sam Axe is an often drunk, over-the-hill SEAL who helps the main character in his adventures. The actor (Bruce Campbell) is nicknamed The Chin because of a scar on his chin, that he got during his childhood. I liked the character on the show, so I kind of hijacked him for my Joe Team.

      Mariner was introduced in the DDP run of G.I. Joe comics as a Chief Petty Officer specializing in amphibious warfare.

      I'm familiar with Topside, but I didn't include him here because he's not a SEAL.