Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CC-1004 Commander Gree (Clone Commander of the 41st Elite Legion)

The 41st Elite was a legion out of the 9th Assault Corps, under the command of Jedi Master Luminara Unduli and Commander Gree. They specialized in long patrols on alien planets, often operating in primitive and grueling conditions, in "hearts and minds" operations intended to forge alliances with native populations. The unit quickly became known as hostile terrain specialists and counter-insurgency experts. They also pioneered the use of AT-RTs and Juggernauts for reconnaissance as well as infantry charges. Commander Gree became an expert on alien species and their customs. This figure is Commander Gree as he appears in his Phase I armor in The Clone Wars television series.

Parts: Head (Clone Trooper), Torso (Clone Trooper), Arms (Clone Trooper), Legs (Clone Trooper), DC-15 Blaster (Clone Trooper), DC-17A Sidearm (Clone Commander).

Supplies: Dremel, X-acto knife, super glue, Polly Scale Paints, brushes and Testors Dull-Cote.

Reference: Pictures from The Clone Wars Visual Guide and one of my son's sticker books.

Step One: No major modification was made to the existing figure. I used the Dremel to remove the belt pouch directly above Gree's right hip.

Step Two: I then used the X-acto knife to carefully trim the holster, it's strap and the same belt pouch from the kama of a Clone Commander figure. The belt pouch was superglued to Gree's equipment belt in the same spot as the one I'd removed. The holster then appeared to hang normally from the equipment belt.
Step Two: In both of the pictures I used, some type of strap or belt can be seen diagonally around Gree's body. I replicated this by cutting a thin strip of vinyl and then gluing it in place.

Step Three: I painted the figure according to my reference pictures. This time around, I tried something a little different in the way of weathering. I stood the figure on a protective mat and then very lightly misted light grey spray paint over him from a distance of about ten feet. I liked the effect, and decided to keep it.

Step Four: A coat of Testors Dull-Cote was applied to protect the paint and remove the shiny appearance of the paint.

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